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∞ BLOÖD☽☿☾MÖON ∞ ブラッド・ムーン ∞ (Buraddo mūn)


Image of ∞ BLOÖD☽☿☾MÖON ∞ ブラッド・ムーン ∞ (Buraddo mūn)

∙∙∙∙ ↞✧☽∞☾✧↠ ∙∙∙∙∙

Fine Art Giclée Prints
45cm x 45cm

∞ BLOÖD☽☿☾MOON ∞ ブラッド・ムーン ∞(Buraddo mūn)

____Blood is life____∞

It courses through your body delivering oxygen and nutrients to every part of you ✧∞∆∞✧ Blood is energy ♡ when you push yourself ♡ your heart pounds and your pulse races as your blood flows even faster. A woman bleeds during her menstrual cycle, she bleeds when her hymen breaks, there’s blood at childbirth ≁ it is the link to our ancestors and natural history ✧

BLOÖD☽☿☾MOON is the beginning of my new series of magical luna babes.

This open edition print was exhibited at the Brisbane Powerhouse of for the HANAl\KO Exhibition hosted by Bello Creative and curated by Tiffany Attkins to open the 2016 Brisbane festival.